Stakeholder Engagement

An increasing number of enterprises and organisations use stakeholder dialogues as way to learn about society’s actual social responsibility expectations. Involving a representative selection of internal and external stakeholders in continuous stakeholder dialogues, provides the basis for a reality-based sustainability strategy.

Using stakeholder dialogues to calibrate operations against society, means that operational quality assurance is achieved through a structured process of mapping and adressing society’s opinions, demands and commitments. A well-planned process of stakeholder engagement can also be expected to yield concret results such as:

  • Stronger relations to key stakeholders
  • Better understanding of social environment
  • Faster response to risks and threats
  • Higher level of innovations through faster development of new products, services and processes in response to demand from stakeholders

Nestor provides consultancy services to companies and organisations in their work on stakeholder engagement. Our methods and tools for a structures approach to stakeholder identification and engagement are based on the standard ISO 26000 – Guidance on social responsibility.